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Titans Season 4 Episode 3: "Jinx"
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Titans Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Kory: So are you gonna tell me why we're here?
Dick: Didn't wanna say anything back there, but what happened to Rachel scares me. We're dealing with the supernatural. That's just not something I know a lot about. Without Rachel, we're gonna need someone who knows this stuff, knows the players. There's a woman I knew back in Gotham. Her name's Jinx. She's a thief and a grifter.
Kory: And this is the person we're going to for help?
Dick: She travels in those circles.

Kory: So now what? We're chasing down a human tornado?
Dick: Jinx got nailed for trying to steal a high-value artifact from a dealer in Bludhaven.
Kory: Right, a thief. You said that.
Dick: As it turns out, there's an auction in Geneva next week. The dealer is transporting his entire inventory this weekend.
Kory: Returning to the scene of a crime. It's bold.
Dick: Well, if there's money to be made, that's where we're gonna find Jinx.