Titans Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Brother Blood

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The slow burn throughout Titans Season 4 paid off in a big way on Titans Season 4 Episode 6.

All plot threads came together to give us a midseason finale that felt like a season finale. Everything has changed for our superheroes, and it leaves a lot to ponder as we head into the back half of the season.

We'll start with the dawn of White Raven because that was cool as hell.

The Titans Assemble

The Titans have been working through some personal things this season. The loss of Raven's powers was a huge development, sending things in an intriguing direction.

The church thought they would benefit more from the abilities, but now that White Raven is here, it makes me wonder just how strong Rachel is.

Sebastian Talks to Rachel - Titans Season 4 Episode 4

In the past, her powers have been shrouded in darkness, so it's a nice change of pace for Rachel to be in the light.

We don't know the true extent of this evolution, but it's hard not to imagine she'll be a crucial player in this battle against Mother Mayhem, Brother Blood, and, very likely, her father.

Dick: I gotta be honest, Conner. I'm starting to get a little concerned about you.
Conner: Why? 'Cause I'm winning so hard?
Dick: Leather jacket, the bald head, I get it, you're changing, you're growing, that's all good. Just trust me, you don't want it to happen too fast.
Conner: Mmm, too fast. Well, you know what, I'd say it's happening just in fŐ˝cking time. Rachel's useless. Gar's losing his mind, Kory's blue-thing, inconsistent at best. And, Tim, well, he can't do anything... at all. So, if I were you, I'd stop worrying about my best player and just take the win.
Dick: You're not the only one to ever have to go through this. Me, Kory, Rachel, Gar, we've been there. We've all had to fight a battle with our dark side.
Conner: This isn't my dark side. This is the side that's looking out for me.

Titans Season 4 managed to narrow its focus to fewer characters, and it has helped deliver a tighter narrative that has been more interesting.

Rachel's tenacity as she tried to stop Sebastian from becoming a full-blown villain was challenging to watch.

Supporting Rachel - Titans Season 4 Episode 6

They're bonded in a way many will never understand, and Rachel was probably thinking about her own past. She could have been a villain if the stars had aligned a bit differently.

There's an element of ambiguity to both Rachel and Sebastian's abilities that I hope comes to the forefront when the series returns.

For Sebastian, activating these abilities was the only way forward. Mother Mayhem was adamant about him becoming Brother Blood of his own volition, but none of this would have been possible without her A+ manipulation skills.

Going through his most repressed memories was a good way to give more insight into his past, but it leaves me with many questions about what he will do now.

Mother Mayhem Moves On - Titans Season 4 Episode 6

Mother Mayhem will think she will be able to control his power, but he will have his own ideas about how he wants to proceed, which should make for an intense villainous arc.

Joseph Morgan plays excellent villains that have many layers, and watching Sebastian's past was a good way to reiterate that his being a villain isn't his own doing.

Jinx: Right, it's nearly time. You ready to power up?
Rachel: What makes you think you can get me my powers back, again?
Jinx: Okay. Well, I never said I could get you your powers back. I said I had a spell to help you find them.

Drinking the blood was one thing, but being shown all of these memories to make him think a certain way was the reason for his actions.

I expect a power struggle because Brother Blood will have far more followers than Mother Mayhem, which should put them both on a collision course as the season winds down.

Jinx is Back - Titans Season 4 Episode 6

I've enjoyed the unpredictable nature of the magic because the team has to be more tactical in battling with these villains.

I hope Jinx isn't dead because Lisa Ambalavanar has been a hoot in the role. The fact that she's listed as a recurring player makes me think we've seen the last of Jinx.

She helped the team navigate magic and was instrumental in helping Rachel get her powers back. From a narrative standpoint, she has to remain dead to force the team into uncharted territory.

It's rare for someone to be so crucial to the team, having just joined them, but Jinx made a big impact, and I doubt they will be able to get over her loss any time soon.

Jinx and Dick - Titans Season 4 Episode 6

Dick will feel somewhat responsible because it was him that got her involved in this battle, to begin with.

Dick tends to fall apart when a team member is hurt or killed, but I hope he realizes that unpredictable things happen when fighting these battles.

You were very happy for a time... but then, your guardian made a mistake.

Mother Mayhem

Conner shaving his head came out of the left field, but it felt more like the creatives remembered that half of his DNA hails from Lex Luthor.

Conner was much more intriguing as Super Boy, but he may be going to these measures to feel a bit of a connection to Lex.

May in the Street - Titans Season 4 Episode 3

He understood Lex's villainous streak based upon their first meeting, but my guess is that he feels tethered to both Lex and Superman because he's made from equal parts of their DNA.

Conner's journey has been one of the more exciting in the series. He faces an uphill battle as he comes to terms with which side to choose.

If Conner does go full villain, we might meet Superman sooner rather than later, assuming DC allows for his arrival in the Titansverse.

With no news of a premiere date for the back half of the season, all we can do is ponder the possibilities. The series is in a stronger place creatively than it has been in a long time.

Sebastian is Shocked - Titans Season 4 Episode 3

What are your thoughts on Jinx's death? Do you think it will stick?

What's your take on Sebastian becoming Brother Blood? Do you think all of the good parts of his personality will be gone?

Do you expect a power struggle between him and Mother Mayhem?

Are you happy Rachel finally has her powers back?

Hit the comments.

Titans returns in 2023 on HBO Max.

Brother Blood Review

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Titans Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Do you know what really happened that day? You were punished because you were stronger than her.

Mother Mayhem

You were very happy for a time... but then, your guardian made a mistake.

Mother Mayhem