Mr. Eckhart - The Americans Season 5 Episode 1
Is this another of Philip's fabulous disguises? Well, of course it is. Who is he now?

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The Americans
The Americans Season 5 Episode 1: "Amber Waves"
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Elizabeth: Can't wait to have dinner with that family again.
Philip: Yeah.
Elizabeth: Sorry he had to wait in line to eat. He's old enough to remember having nothing to wait in line for.
Philip: My mother used to make us soup from a few onions, nothing else. It was really just hot water.
Elizabeth: After the war, my mother always said she wasn't hungry. I knew, but I ate everything. She was so thin.

Philip: We'll get another go home. It wasn't the right time.
Elizabeth: What's the right time?