President of the World - Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 7
The President of the World (aka The Doctor) boards his plane in an effort to stop the Zygon invasion. However, Bonnie (evil Clara) appears to have shot it out of the sky. How does the Doctor survive?

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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 7: "The Zygon Invasion"
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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 7 Quotes

Clara: So Osgood's been kidnapped, right? I thought Osgood was dead.
Kate: There have always been two of her, ever since the cease fire. We never knew which one was real.
The Doctor: Both of them.
Kate: Okay, which one was Zygon.
The Doctor: Both of them. They would have maintained a live link. They were both Zygon and human at the same time.

Osgood 1: The Zygons are a peaceful race.
Osgood 2: Their shape changing abilities should not be considered a weapon.
Osgood 1: It's a survival mechanism.
Osgood 2: They embed themselves in other cultures and live out their lives in their new bodies, in peace and harmony. Mainly.