Riverdale High Quiz Team Season 4 Episode 11
Betty is living up to her promise with Mr. Honey: she's reinstated the Riverdale High quiz team. Joining her on the team are Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni.

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Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch
Riverdale Season 4 Episode 11: "Chapter Sixty-Eight: Quiz Show"
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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Tom Keller: Hey there, Arch. I would’ve appreciated a heads-up if I was being replaced.
Archie: I know, Mr. Keller. I’m sorry, it happened fast. Frank has a ton of experience and I think the crew is going to love him.
Tom: I gotta be honest, Arch. I know about your uncle. He’s been trouble since the day he was born. I must’ve arrested him a half-dozen times when I was sheriff.
Archie: That was then. My dad believed in second chances and so do I.

Mr. Dupont: Forsythe’s best work stems from his personal experiences. Might I suggest you start there?
Jughead: What about a dark and ominous force that threatens the town of Seaport? An obsessed killer who is looking to expose the hypocrisy and sins of his neighbors. The Baxter Brothers discover that man unleashing his righteous rage is the father of Bobby Baxter’s girlfriend, Tracy True.
Publisher: This sounds promising. What’s the name of the killer?
Jughead: “The Brown Hood.” If you give me a little time, I can come up with…
Publisher: No! We like this. If you ask me, this sounds like a million-dollar idea.