Together Always -tall  - Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 16
Disaster has a way of bringing people closer together, and Jay and Hailey seem to realize the depth of their feelings for each other.

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Chicago PD
Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 16: "The Other Side"
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Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

Voight: Okay, that's something. Let's hit it.
Halstead: We're working on the warrant.
Voight: No, we're good. Let's go.
Halstead: Sarge. We're gonna need proof.
Voight: We are not wasting time, not again.

Atwater: Yo, Ruz.
Ruzek: I don't want to do this, Kev, not right now.
Atwater: Neither do I, but somebody's got to say something if we're gonna be kicking in doors and yelling "gun" if there's not a gun.
Ruzek: Kevin, please, I don't want to do this.
Atwater: We didn't even know if Roy was actually in that house, we had no clue. So that's what we doing, just making it up as we go?
Ruzek: You got a better idea? Or are you just preaching to preach? Come on, let's go man.
Atwater: I'm just trying to help, man.
Ruzek: Hel save Kim or help save the world?
Atwater: You got no right to talk to me like that, not after what just happened in that house. You just put a gun to a man's head.