Tom Pelphrey Ozark Season 3
This is a photo from Ozark Season 3 to be used in conjunction with the season review before the show airs.

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Dreesen: No businessman worth his salt hires his first applicant.
Kaz: No. No, I understand. Of course, I will have to report you to the guild for kidnapping and harboring a prisoner without chain of title.
Dreesen: You wouldn't.
Kaz: No businessman worth his salt bargains for what he can take.

Ram: Do you think you're the only one haunted by the sacrifices you made to get here? And you, I vouched for you with Darlene, but what you did out there was irresponsible and quite frankly insane. You keep behaving like that; you're gonna get yourself killed.
Kwesi: Ram.
Ram: We all need you alive. I need you alive.