Peter: So what do you do for fun around here? You got DirectTV?
Putin: We have Time-Warner.
Peter: You have HBO?
Putin: We have Starz.
Peter: You have ESPN?
Putin: We have FOX Sports 1.
Peter: That come in HD?
Putin: 420D.
Peter: You got --
Putin: Everything you say, I say something little bit worse.
Peter: You got Simpsons?
Putin: We have Family Guy.
Peter: Ah. I did it to myself.

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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 7: "Petey IV"
Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 7 Quotes, Family Guy Quotes
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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 7 Quotes

Vladmir Putin: Where is bathroom? I George Brett myself on plane.
Peter: Eww. Gross.

Peter: How do you say friend in Russian?
Putin: There is no Russian word for it.