Casey: Todd was your direct supervisor. He removed you from your post and took advantage of you.
Laura: Oh my God, I feel like I’m in a bad Lifetime rape movie. He did not take advantage of me. I wanted something and he gave it to me.
Casey: An older guy, an adult, in a position of power. I mean, that’s predatory.

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Casual Season 3 Episode 6: "Troubleshooting"
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Casual Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jennifer: I want an identity crisis.
Valerie: Have you tried killing your father and then finding out that your father’s not your real father?
Jennifer: No, no, but I did almost cut my bangs.

Valerie: Uh, have you ever actually been in a real fistfight?
Leia: Multiple. I am 25% white trash on my father’s side.