Becky, stop. If you don’t go back to rehab, you’re not just screwing up your own life. You’re screwing up Beverly Rose’s. I had to grow up with an alcoholic father. I never brought friends around because he would always embarrass me, and when he went out at night, I used to pray that he wouldn’t die in a car crash. And then, when things got really bad, I prayed that he would. So, you really want to put Beverly Rose through that?


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The Conners Season 3 Episode 17: "Regrets, Rehabs, and Realtors"
The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes, The Conners Quotes
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Well, Jeff, welcome to Wellman Plastics. Congratulations on being late your first day.


Ben: You could have texted me, you know, and let me know you were coming.
Barbara: Well, I didn’t want to give you a head start.