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The family sees Becky off when as she leaves for rehab. Once there, Becky tries to be the life of the party in group therapy, but it doesn’t go well. She doesn’t think she’s as bad as everyone else there. When they call her on it, she storms out.

When Becky comes hope early and says she doesn’t need rehab, Jackie tells her what it was like to grow up with an alcoholic father. How she never had friends over because he’d embarrass her. How Jackie used to pray he wouldn’t die in a car crash, and then when things got really bad, she used to pray he would. Becky agrees to have Dan drive her back so she can give it another show.

Darlene again tells Ben how much she could use some time away and offers to trade in the first-class airline tickets to Hawaii for a weekend trip closer to home, but Ben continues to insist they need to use the money to move in together sooner.

Ben’s mother finds him living in the back of the hardware store. She says she’s moving back to Lanford because her friends are there and asks why he’s living at the store. Ben says that Darlene has been helping her father with the mortgage for a year, and he wants them to get a place of their own.

Darlene has problems with a new employee at the factory. Jeff is only there until he can save enough money to follow his friend to Australia. Darlene is envious of the idea. She feels like she’s changing and isn’t sure Ben will be able to change with her.

Ben’s mother, Barbara, goes to the Conners house and tells Dan that he’s holding his kids back, that he should sell the house so that Darlene can move in with Ben.

Darlene comes home to find Dan and Jackie looking at realtors on the internet. Jackie tells her what happened. Darlene tells Dan not to sell the house for her because she’s unsure of her future with Ben.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Well, Jeff, welcome to Wellman Plastics. Congratulations on being late your first day.


Ben: You could have texted me, you know, and let me know you were coming.
Barbara: Well, I didn’t want to give you a head start.