Adrianna: Didn't know you were in AA.
Gia: Sort of what the "anonymous" is about.

Being sober for me will be a lot more than not taking drugs.

Adrianna: How are you feeling?
Navid: Worse than I ever felt in my life, but not bad.

You really weren't that hard to get over... we were only together because I needed you. That's not love.

Remember when I was on coke? Am I acting anything like that right now?

Adrianna: I thought I wasn't your problem anymore.
Navid: I still care about you, okay?

Naomi: Why weren't you at school today?
Adrianna: Because I'm a terrible person.

Please forgive me.

Adrianna: Marilyn never loved and lost Navid.
Naomi: She was pretty torn up over JFK.

Naomi: I can't be distracted by rock-hard abs and thighs that have driven countries to war.
Adrianna: What country has ever been driven to war over thighs?

I need to figure out who I am before becoming Navid's girlfriend... we need to break up.

Silver: I saw you kiss Teddy at the beach club.
Adrianna: I made a mistake.


We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.


Dixon: Are you sure you're ready for this?
Silver: I've never been more ready for anything in my life.