Senior: They took her fingerprints and I'm hoping that Abby can find a match.
Tony: Dad that's very commendable but you can't ask Abby to break agency rules for a personal favor.
Abby: We got a hit.
Tony: You ran the prints?
Abby: Of course, I did, Tony. Poor homeless woman in need of medical care? That's a no-brainer.

Tony: Your suggestion that he help the homeless woman....he's really invigorated, you know. He has a purpose, acting like his twenty years younger. Thank you.
Gibbs: Just gave the chief a nudge.

McGee: She's pretty. Who is she?
Tony: Her name's Leah. Met her last week. She's the first triple-T I've met in the last three years.
Bishop: Triple-T. Do I even want to know?
Tony: Tall. Tasty. Trust-funded.

Tony: There's no way Petty Officer Muldoon would have taken him three shots to drop that guy. He would have nailed him on the first shot. He's a pro!
Leah: Yeah, well pros do miss on the first shot. You sure as hell did. Listen. Tony. You're clearly somewhere else and I'm starting to think that I should be too.
Tony: Oh no. I'm so sorry. Please, give me a second chance.
Leah: Here's my email.
Tony: Oh. Okay. When can I see you again?
Leah: Never. I just really want to know how this case you've been talking about for the last hour, turns out.

Tony: See, this is why we shouldn't go home at night. There's no point.
McGee: Where's your date?
Tony: Probably the same place your download dinner went, Mcbite me.
Delilah: No comment.

Taft: Mind if I tag along? I can explain the medical side of this little mystery better than either of you.
Gibbs: You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Taft: No. Maybe. Kind of.

David: What did your bad guy do?
Taft: Killed a young petty officer and stole a bunch of guns, apparently.
Jeanne: What, what?
Tony: No, Jeanne that's not...
Jeanne: Stolen weapons, Tony? Is that why you're here?
Tony: No, Jeanne. It isn't. Look, it never even crossed our minds.
David: Are you saying that this is about your father?
Tony: No. Look, I swear to you, this is about doctors in Africa. It has nothing to do with your father.

Gibbs: How about you? Did it get weird, her and her husband?
Tony: Do you really want to know?
Gibbs: No.

David: I hope you know that, while I'm truly grateful, I'm not giving up Jeanne.
Tony: Excuse me?
David: I see the way you look at her. Frankly, the way that she looks at you would trouble me a bit if I didn't know your history.
Tony: So you know.
David: I'm her husband. I know everything. Just like I know that when affairs end badly, like yours most certainly did, they have a way of staying under the skin. Whether you want them too or not.
Tony: She's not under my skin, David.
David: It's not your skin I'm worried about.

Tony: I just want to be really clear that when we came to see you yesterday it had nothing to do with your father.
Jeanne: Okay then so we're good now? Or will you one day find another reason to stop by, and always at the precise moment when I was starting to feel whole again?

Tony: What you said yesterday, about me dropping in just when you started feeling whole again...
Jeanne: What about it?
Tony: I know that feeling. The not feeling whole part.
Jeanne: Do you?
Tony: And If I had one wish, Jeanne.
Jeanne: What?
Tony: I would turn back the clock to right when we got back from South Sudan. Cause I think that was a much better ending for both of us. What?
Jeanne: I guess I would go back further. Good night, Tony.
Tony: Good night
Jeanne: Goodbye, Tony.

Valeri: Timothy Farragut McGee. You are a sight for sore eyes.
McGee: Val?
Tony: Farragut? I knew he had a middle name.

NCIS Quotes

Gibbs: Tobias? What the hell’s going on?
Fornell: What’s going on? You got me fired!

I'm more of a Super-Mario guy, myself.

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