Addison: Okay, Ben, this is the world of espionage. It’s… it’s like the opposite of you. Everyone’s a liar, looking for someone to trust. And they’re all terrified of betrayal because they betray for a living.
Ben: You’re really starting to put a damper on my James Bond fantasy.
Addison: Good. Because this isn’t a game.

Ben: Maybe this is why we kept crossing paths. So that when I ended up stranded in time, I wasn’t alone.
Hannah: Hm, so what you’re saying is I am the universe’s gift for a job well done. As far as compliments go, that’s not half-bad.

Ben: I’ve been traveling through time for so long, not having any real human contact, no life of my own. I don’t really know how I’m supposed to feel.
Hannah: How do you feel?
Ben: Alive.
Hannah: Me, too.

Ben: I know this is good news, so why am I so nervous?
Addison: Because being a spy isn’t the fantasy people think it is? In real life, you’re on your own. And if you make a mistake, it is either you or Layla at the bottom of the Nile.
Ben: Is that supposed to be a pep talk? I think you’ve been spending too much time with Jenn.

Hannah: I wonder where we’ll end up next. Or when.
Ben: Wherever. Whenever. I’m sure it’ll be another adventure of a lifetime.
Hannah: That’s what you are, you know. The adventure of my lifetime.

Barnes: She was a good asset. Helped us big. I hate losing her. I am sorry, kid.
Ben: You’re not sorry. You’re a coward. You sit there, risking nothing, while people like Layla are out there risking everything. How did you become so cynical that losing a hero like her stopped feeling like a tragedy?

Barnes: This is your first field operation, right?
Ben: Yes. It is.
Barnes: Well, the good news is you’ve never been to Cairo so the Stasi don’t know you. Bad news is if this is a trap, they’ll torture you and bury you in the desert with the rest of the pharaohs. Relax, kid. I’m just teasing. It doesn’t happen. Often.

Hannah: Ben? Is that you?
Ben: Yes. It is me.
Hannah: Oh, well, thank god! If you knew how many people I’ve asked in the past six years!

Addison: Egypt. This is amazing. You’ve never leapt out of the country before.
Ben: Actually, I did. It’s just… you all thought I was dead.

Okay, no more burning people! K? Need to figure something else out. Magistrate Bloodborne was right about one thing. You need to decide what kind of town you’re going to be. The kind of town where you talk about others or talk to others? The kind of town where you burn witches or build something beautiful together?

Magistrate: Seeing as you’re Goody’s servant girl, was Goody behaving… unnaturally before Josiah’s death?
Ben: Like how?
Magistrate: Not like herself. Maybe she was forgetting things, or sleeping in, or… dancing naked in the woods?
Ben: Sorry. What?

Ben: Agent Robert Cook! He’s the one that told you to come here. You met him in a diner and you talked about Einstein and angular momentum and yoyos. And you helped him save a young girl. And you told him not to say goodbye just see you later.
Hannah: How do you know all that?
Ben: I know it the same way I know what will happen to you if you leave here with that formula. I’m a time traveler.

Quantum Leap Quotes

Look, I’m not trying to tell you how to do your job. I’m just merely offering a counterpoint from someone who has impeccable taste in music.


Addison: Have you been hiding?
Ben: Hiding? No, I was just in a different section of the apartment.
Addison: You mean the bathroom where you were hiding from the party you didn’t want to have?
Ben: I love parties. Having everyone in here, touching all our stuff. I would’ve proposed way sooner if I knew we got to do this.