Good morning, Chief.

Juliet: You can’t leave.
Shawn: You’re not even back yet.

Juliet: You married a felon you helped put in jail.
Lassiter: Come on! Rehabilitated felon. Because the system works. At least I'm not a part-time stripper like McNab!

Juliet: I am not a moron.
Shawn: Even if you were I would clean up your messes....

He's a grown man. I think he will land on his feet.

You are on the hook until you make it so I don't have to lie for you anymore.

Juliet: She has the key to my house!
Shawn: Our house! In the middle of the street!

Juliet: Shawn our relationship is built on lies.
Shawn: ...And laughter, and laser tag and love.

Honesty is everything to me Shawn. It's the only thing.

What do you think a Spencer-O'Hara wedding would look like, Shawn?

Did a hooker will this to you?

I know, I know, my parents were big fans of Hertz Rent-A-Car.


Psych Quotes

Gus: That's a player's move, Shawn, a player's move.
Shawn: That's not a player's move, Gus, that's an astronomer's move.

Juliet: It's all police work Carlton.
Carlton: Yeah, right, and global warming is real.
Juliet: Yes, it is, Carlton.
Carlton: Sure it is.