My time with you, as your friend was the best I ever had. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry that things got messed up.

Nobody ever tells the full truth, ever.

You care. I need somebody who doesn't care.

Cary, we are not married. We're not even going steady."

You came here to bag me, so let's go.

30 feet, Cary!

Kalinda: There's always option number 3. You could run for States Attorney.
Diane: I don't think I have the fight left in me Kalinda. If Will were still here, I...
Kalinda: I'm here. Have you decided?
Diane: Yes.

He is dying. And he is trying to screw you.

Finn: Kalinda, why do people let you onto crime scenes?
Kalinda: I don't know. People like me.

Now you're gonna live with this. You know Will was a good man and I love him and he was trying to help you. So you live with that.

Diane: He doesn't look like himself.
Kalinda: I have to get Alicia.

You wanna get me to talk, just say talk. Don't play games.