Peter: My career will be over.
Alicia: I think it's over anyways, isn't it?

Peter: If I am so tainted, why am I not tainting her?
Eli: Because she will divorce you and it will be seen as a move of independence.

Grace: But Dad, you have to fight this.
Peter: I can't risk being away from you until you're thirty.
Grace: But it's two years.
Peter: I'm going to be at your graduation in the front row.

Peter: He hates me, he has for years.
Diane: I know. This is not going to be a cake walk.

Peter: You're being used.
Alicia: I know. Who isn't?

Freedom. The best thing to happen to anyone.

This is a press witch hunt. They like building people up so they can knock them down. Now it's Alicia's turn.

You're like an 18-year-old. Everything's about where you can stick it.


Peter: You have to control the narrative.
Alicia: To keep me from looking like the slutty wife?

So you don't personally think I'm a racist but saw political advantage in calling me a racist.

I'm the Governor and you are asking me for a favor. You want something. That's a favor.

"Documents don't go away. Your signature doesn't go away."

Good Wife Quotes

Prosecutor: It's semantics.
Judge Schakowsky: No, it's the law. You know the difference? I get a gavel.

They're going to drag us into the pit, Alicia.

Frank Prady