I know you all need me, but I'll call you if I need any of you.

She has sex on camera, which all of us do on some level.

Vincent: You know Will Smith did all his own stunts in Hancock?
Drama: Will's an athlete, bro. I bowled with him.

Vince: I'd just be happy to avoid a Razzie
Drama: There's nothing wrong with a Razzie
Turtle: Johnny's gonna go for the hat trick if he ever does another movie
Drama: I only have one Razzie, asshole

Ari: Relax, it's all gonna be alright.
Vince: Why?
Ari: Because the Jew has arrived, and he doesn't like Germans!

Vince: I really don't see a head tilt
Verner: Shall I get a protractor? It's there!

Drama: You gotta nip this in the bud. That's how a star marks his territory. Andrew Shue did the same thing to me on Melrose.
Vince: How'd you stop him?
Drama: I banged his girl!

Ari: You just sit tight. Okay, you wait.
Vince: Wait for what?
Ari: For the stench from Medillin to disappear.
Vince: How long's that gonna take?
Ari: How long did it take for the air to clear from fucking Chernobyl?

Billy: You know he's bringing his wife to Cannes?
Vince: No, you bringing you're wife? It's supposed to be a boys trip!
Ari: Vinnie, when you get married you realize that a wife is like a herpes sore. She comes and goes when and where she pleases.

Vince: He's not in hiding. He's at a photoshoot with his new client.
Ari: E's got a new client?
Vince: Yeah, Anna Ferris
Ari: Come on
Vince: Yep
Ari: Jesus the world is falling apart!

Ari: Where the hell is E?
Vince: M.I.A.
Ari: Well, we need him 'cause maybe that neurotic little elf nipping at your heels will make you understand that we are in a major crisis situation here!

Vince: Billy, are you sure you can have a shootable script done in six weeks?
Billy: Oh no doubt, I came up with the first act when I was stinking up the skirt's bathroom

Entourage Quotes

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Deny 'til you die pal

Ari [to a man who just lied to his wife]

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