Billy: You want to eat first? You want something?
Vince: I'm okay.
Billy: We got empanadas.
Vince: No. I'm all good.
Billy: You want an empanada, suit?
Eric: We just ate, Billy.
Billy: How about a tamale?
Eric: We're all good.
Billy: What about one of those blow jobs? Want one of those?
Eric: No

Eric: Why aren't we shooting?
Vince: I just act, kid

Vince: I called Ari personally and asked him if he'd call our financier and try and get us a little more money
Ari: I told Vince, "HA HA HA"

Turtle: I thought you were getting a nicer place for Vince?
Drama: Well, that was until I saw the kitchen, now it's for me.
Vince: So do it. Say fuck it. I always do.
Drama: What if my show doesn't get picked up?
Vince: Johnny, it premiered to 16 million viewers, it's gettin' picked up.
Turtle: And if it don't, you've been kicked out of a condo before. It's gotta be easier the second time

[the guys giving tips to Sloan about E]
Drama: He needs little snacks in between meals, otherwise his blood sugar drops and he gets very cranky.
Vince: No naps, otherwise he can't sleep at night.
Sloan: Okay. Thank you for the tips

Turtle: I'm hungry.
Vince: Me too.
Turtle: Should I try and make us something?
Vince: I'm not that hungry

Drama: I'll make breakfast for you bro. Could you wait a little bit?
Vince: What's a little bit?
Drama: Ah, maybe eight hours or so?

Vince: (about the Matterhorn script)We were never really into it.
Ari: I know that's the thing. The script has been changed more times than Andy Dick's vibrator, you will love it now, Vince, trust me

Vince: I don't know what it's called.
Eric: That's what it's called -- a Cartier love bracelet.
Turtle: Does that mean that Vince and Amanda are in love?
Vince: No, it means E knows way too much about jewelry. edit

Drama: Come on, King Maker -- He came home for me at 10-to-1 at Belmont. That's how I bought the Lincoln. Any of this ringing a bell?
Vince: Not really.
Eric: No
Turtle: I thought you bought your Lincoln from selling weed at the high school.
Eric: That rings a bell

Eric: Your giggling's making me a little nauseous.
Vince: Giggling? There was no giggling. I laughed.
Turtle: Sounded like a giggle to me.
Drama: If your voice goes up in pitch past the high C, it's a giggle. You hit a D there, bro

Amanda: I hate sexual tension Vince, it always leads to confusion.
Vince: I couldn't agree more.
Amanda: Well, good. Then lets get it out of the way.
Vince: How?
Amanda: By fucking each other's brains out, and never talking about it again so we can move on to a very successful and professional agent-client relationship. Sound good?
Vince: To me it does, yeah.
Amanda: Great, see you in twenty.

Entourage Quotes

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Mrs. Gold: You eat at The Palm four nights a week!
Ari: Do I ever order the lobster? No, I order the Gigi salad and I sign clients

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