Jason: Hey, guys! I'm back. Go-karting with monkeys got boring really fast.
Michael: It did?!
Eleanor: Oh no.
Chidi: Dammit!

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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 12: "Patty"
The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes, The Good Place Quotes
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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Listen carefully before I forget how to say this. You gotta help us. We are so screwed.


Chidi: You look a little pale. Did you get sick from the hot air balloon? I bet if you throw up it'll just be butterflies or something.
Michael: I'm fine. I just...I don't belong here. There's no telling what will happen to a demon that steps foot in this place. Promise if I'm vaporized, you guys will keep having fun.