Behind Your Back - The Good Place
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A flying puppy greets the gang on their journey. 

When they land, Janet signs in and is instantly filled with knowledge of the Good Place. Michael is unsure what will happen to him, as demons don't belong there. 

Eleanor and her friends are welcomed by the Good Place Committee, and they tell Michael they want to swear him in as a Good Place architect. 

The gang walks through a portal and ends up at a party specifically tailored for all four of them. 

The committee tricks Michael into taking over the Good Place. 

Chidi and Eleanor meet Hyptia, much to Chidi's excitement. She tells them to call her Patty. 

After realizing that Chidi is a philosopher, Patty tells them that they're all screwed and they need help. On paper The Good Place is paradise, but everyone's brains are turning to mush.

Chidi and Eleanor fill in the rest of their friends, and they discover Michael is now in charge. Jason returns from go-karting with monkeys because he got bored. 

Eleanor realizes that the way to restore meaning to the people in the Good Place is to let them leave. 

The gang tells everyone in the Good Place that they're creating a new door. Once they all do everything they've ever dreamed of doing, they can walk through the door and their time in the universe will be over. Everyone cheers. 

Eleanor and her friends go home to the houses Michael built for them, ready to spend as much time in The Good Place as they want. 

The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Listen carefully before I forget how to say this. You gotta help us. We are so screwed.


Chidi: You look a little pale. Did you get sick from the hot air balloon? I bet if you throw up it'll just be butterflies or something.
Michael: I'm fine. I just...I don't belong here. There's no telling what will happen to a demon that steps foot in this place. Promise if I'm vaporized, you guys will keep having fun.