Moses Griffin: Here we are, the Red Sea. Now all we gotta do is swim across.
Jew 1: I didn't bring my trunks.
Jew 2: I don't wanna step on a shell.
Jew 3: I can't get water in my ears.
Jew 4: I ate 20 minutes ago.
Jew 5: You know, what they flush in Cairo ends up right here.
Moses Griffin: [Sighs] All right, I see what I can do. [Parts the Sea]
Jew 6: "Oooh, I can part the Red Sea", you know he hasn't talked to his brother in three years.

Family Guy Season 4 Episode 27: "Untitled Griffin Family History"
Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 4 Episode 27 Quotes

Meg: (after Joe and the cops take her away) Aaaaah! Dad! Help me!
Peter: Have fun at the dance, Meg! I hope she does. That kid really deserves it.

Nate Griffin: Hi, I'm Nate Griffin. I work against my will for your dad.
Lois Pewterschmidt: Oh, yeah? What do you do?
Nate Griffin: Well, let's just say I know my way around a hoe!