But I have no doubt that whatever comes next, we can take it on together, as a family. And I know this because today I was reminded what got me here. It's the same thing I saw in you, Matt, that made me know you are my soulmate. It's the same thing that makes you the person you are, Lex, brave enough to get that test. Hope. Hope made us the people we are. People who can chart voyages to the Moon and walk amidst the stars. People who might inspire others to cure cancer and CCM, and end wars and all the other things we wish we could change in this crazy, crazy world. Because the thought, the mere possibility, the hope that we might succeed is enough for us to keep trying.


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AWAY Season 1 Episode 8: "Vital Signs"
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AWAY Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Emma, I, I appreciate what you're trying to do here, but let's be honest, you know as well as I do when a plane goes off radar, that pilot isn't coming home.


We don't know anything! We don't know if Pegasus is sitting on the ground, or exploded into pieces, or if the backup system is even going to last, or if Mom's gonna survive!