Elliot: I love her! Turk, do you know what I would give to have a female attending like her pushing me not to let the fact that I'm a woman hold me back? I mean... you have no idea how hard it is.
Turk: I have no idea?
Elliot: Look, I'm not gonna fight about whether in medicine it's harder being black or a woman.
Turk: Black!
Elliot: Woman!
A black female doctor passes them.
Turk: Much prop, Dr. Rhodes.
Elliot: Mm.
Turk: Go get 'em.

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Turk, Elliot Reid
Scrubs Season 3 Episode 15: "My Tormented Mentor"
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Scrubs Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Todd: Gotta grab those.
Dr. Kelso: No!
Staffer: Ugh!
Dr. Kelso: Remember, we look... but we don't touch.
Todd: Okay.

Dr. Cox: You know, honey, I'm-I'm here now, if you-if you want your friends to leave.
Jordan: We're getting chemical peels tomorrow.
Dr. Cox: Oh. Okay.