Phyllis: I need you to put the Christmas tree back up.
Angela: It's outside.
Phyllis: I didn't ask you where it was. I told you where it needs to be.
Angela: Shut up.
Phyllis: Excuse me?
Angela: I'm not moving the tree. Face it. The only power you have over me is this big secret that I know you're not going to tell. And you want to know how I know that? Because then you won't be able to plan your stupid, tacky parties anymore. So you move the tree.
Phyllis: Okay. [turns to everyone] Angela's having sex with Dwight. I caught them doing it after Toby's going away party.
Dwight: Don't look so surprised.

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Dwight Schrute, Angela Martin, Phyllis Vance
The Office Season 5 Episode 10: "Moroccan Christmas"
The Office
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The Office Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

When I was in college I used to get wicked hammered. My nickname was Puke. I would chug a fifth of SoCo, sneak into a frat party, polish off a few people's empties, some brewskies, some Jell-O shots, do some body shots off myself, pass out, wake up the next morning, puke, rally, more SoCo, head to class. Probably would have gotten expelled if I had let it affect my grades, but I aced all my courses. They called me Ace. It was totally awesome. Got straight Bs. They called me Buzz.


Michael: Jim, Jim!
Jim: What is it?
Michael: That is vodka and I mixed it with orange juice. I call it an orange-vod-juice...ka.
Jim: Wow, that is delicious.
Michael: Yeah.
Jim: Can't believe no one's thought of that.
Michael: I know!