I’m going to do what I can to earn your trust back. Whatever it takes. When we get out of here and we get Josh back, I want us to start again.


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La Brea Season 2 Episode 3: "The Great Escape"
La Brea
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La Brea Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Paara: My people warned me again and again about taking the word of the sky people. What am I supposed to tell them now?
Ty: Tell them that you’ll give me a little more time.
Paara: I’ve already given you more time. I thought I could trust you.

Izzy: I didn’t realize how much I’d miss him.
Scott: He’s going to be okay.
Izzy: Is he though?
Scott: Since he’s been down here, Josh has survived a wolf attack, a monster of a storm, and being chased out of an ancient fort, so I’m sure he can make it in 1988.