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While Gavin is in the new group, Eve and Levi are snuggling while learning about collecting rocks.

Sam doesn't have much intel since he must lie.

Izzy misses Josh, and Scott assures him he'll be fine.

Paara insists without Silas, and they're taking the food back. She and Ty break up.

Ty blames Sam for letting Silas go.

As Eve works in the mines, Gavin approaches, and they reunite.

When Lucas suggests stealing food, Sam says they'd be declaring war.

Lucas puts his idea of stealing food to a vote. He loses, but Scott suggests they go anyway.

Veronica offers to come with Scott and Lucas to steal the food.

Eve and Levi don't trust Silas's map.

The shift changes, and Virgil fakes a heart attack. Levi leads the escape plan.

The Exiles find them, and Gavin offers himself up as the pawn.

The trio is observing the Fort people. Scott fakes, spraining his ankle, and then walks off when the others are gone.

Gavin tries to implore the leader of the Exiles to think of families when he's confronted.

Lucas spots the guy who killed his mom. He grabs a spear in a nearby hut. He vows to kill him but can't do it.

Scott found a key in a hut.

Gavin pleads his case to Eve after they remember when they first met.

Gavin, Eve and Levi escape

Sam and Ty are angry that Lucas and Veronica stole the food.

Lucas thanked Veronica for being there. He couldn't shoot someone and leave a kid without a dad.

Scott hates lying to his friends. He gives Rebecca the key to the tower. Levi heard the Exiles were transporting rocks to the building.

Eve runs into the clearing and reunites with Izzy.

La Brea
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La Brea Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Paara: My people warned me again and again about taking the word of the sky people. What am I supposed to tell them now?
Ty: Tell them that you’ll give me a little more time.
Paara: I’ve already given you more time. I thought I could trust you.

Izzy: I didn’t realize how much I’d miss him.
Scott: He’s going to be okay.
Izzy: Is he though?
Scott: Since he’s been down here, Josh has survived a wolf attack, a monster of a storm, and being chased out of an ancient fort, so I’m sure he can make it in 1988.