Kevin: Looks like I've been focusing on the wrong guy.
Miguel: Excuse me?
Kevin: I blew it with Sophie. And sometimes I can hear his voice, how disappointed he is in me and my choices. You ever feel like that?
Miguel: I have no idea what you're saying right now, Kevin. Drink some water.
Kevin: Just know that if you act on whatever this thing is you have with my mom, that earth you feel rumbling under your feet is him turning over in his grave.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 7: "Taboo"
This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Kate: I'm writing down the sugar pie recipe in case I forget the secret ingredient.
Rebecca: You mean in case I forget. But I can't forget, because these recipes are buried deep inside me.

Rebecca: Aren't we going to have any?
Rebecca's mother: We need to watch ourselves.