Interior Department Official: Now we'll have to find a place to for it.
Mr. Garrison: I'll keep it at my house.
Mayor McDaniels: No Garrison you're just going to try and have sex with it.
Mr. Garrison: What? How dare you say that!
Mayor McDaniels: Remember what happened to the wounded pigeon you were supposed to take care of?
Mr. Garrison: Oh c'mon, you all know that pigeon was a total slut.

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Mr. Garrison, Mayor McDaniels
South Park Season 3 Episode 4: "Jackovasaurus"
South Park
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South Park Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Cartman: (laughs) Isn't he funny guys?
Stan: No, he's annoying.

Jimbo: Hey Ned, look what I got you: a new voicebox! (Ned reaches for it, but Jimbo blocks it) You want it? You want it? Here you go!
Ned: (Irish accent) Jimbo, I can't thank you enough for the new voicebox! What in the devil is this, then?
Jimbo: Sorry, Ned. I must have picked up the irish model by mistake.
Ned: Oh, what a bloody pickle this is. Did you keep the receipt, then?
(A man walks in)
Man: Jimbo, Ned, come quick!
Jimbo: What's going on?
Man: They've found another Jakovasaur!
Ned: Blimey.