Vince: Do you know how lucky we are to have found each other? Seriously, you’re a unicorn. Most women, when I tell them I don’t want to get married again, they get so upset, but you’re over it. No rings, no strings. Next time we don’t even have to get dinner, buddy/
Liza: I want dinner, Vince.
Vince: Yeah, good, OK, me too.
Liza: I want a relationship. I don’t want to be sleeping around forever. That sounds exhausting.
Vince: OK…
Liza: I want a partner. I want to share my life with someone. I just don’t want to move into his house and become his wife and have my life revolve around his. I mean why is that so hard for him to understand?
Vince: Who?
Liza: My ex who proposed to me out of nowhere at someone else’s wedding.
Vince: And you said no. Why? It sounds like that’s what you wanted, so why couldn’t you just get married?
Liza: Why couldn’t he just not get married? Why did he have to throw everything away over semantics? Why does he get to decide its over just because he didn’t get what he wanted?
Vince: So you’re still in love with him?
Liza: Of course, I’m still in love with him, and I blew it, or he did, or we both did. It doesn’t matter because he’s moved on, and I’m in SoHo at a hot new restaurant with a dinner buddy because I’m what… undateable?

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Younger Season 7 Episode 5: "The Last Unicorn"
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Younger Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Liza: Charles was supposed to come, but I guess I’ll just be hanging solo in a room full of judgmental couples.
Lauren: Liza, no. No, no, no, no. Say no more. I’m gonna call my friend Stefan. He staffs bartenders, cater waiters, the hottest men you have ever seen. Now most of them are a Kinsey 6 gay, but they will definitely give you the old grope-a-dope in front of your PTA friends if you tip generously.
Maggie: Lauren, are these sex workers or waiters?
Lauren: Yes, they are.

Liza: OK.
Lauren: You’re looking at me like I’m the jittery waxer who just ripped off your perineum, and that’s fine. Quinn is coming in to review the marketing plan for “The F Word” at 10. And you can either find out when she saunters in, wearing one of his wrinkled shirts as a minidress, or you can find out from a friend. I came as soon as I heard.
Liza: Thanks, friend.