Elliot: Oh. Dr. Kelso's been torturing me lately, and I really thought that I could handle it. I mean, after all, I've come a long way... you know. For instance, I used to be afraid of you, and now I can talk to you about anything - like how your hair has been looking particularly springy lately. And not like the season, but more like the inside of a mattress. You know what I mean?
Dr. Cox: I don't have any clue what you mean!

Elliot Reid, Perry Cox
Scrubs Season 2 Episode 22: "My Dream Job"
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Scrubs Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Spence: Well, I'm sorry you guys can't make the wedding.
J.D.: Yeah, well, give the guys a big kiss for us.
Turk Don't forget to tell 'em that the ferret only eats fresh vegetables.
Spence: I'm gonna miss you guys... Heh heh, I'll see you later.

J.D.'s Narration: Really, all you can hope for is just an occasional thank-you.
J.D.: I'm so glad the medication worked on your foot.
Mr. Graff: So I'm supposed to be happy because someone finally did something right?
J.D.'s Narration: You're welcome.