Adalind: Never thought I’d see this.
Renard [resigned]: Well, enjoy it while you can.
Adalind: What do you want from me?
Renard: A little help.
Adalind: And what kind of help would that be?
Renard: Well, ironically, I don’t have an alibi for the night Rachel was killed.
Adalind: Where were you?
Renard: I was killing Bonaparte.
Adalind: Oh, well, that *is* awkward.

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Captain Renard
Grimm Season 6 Episode 2: "Trust Me Knot"
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Grimm Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Renard: You really think this is going to go anywhere?
Hank: *We* take *our* jobs seriously, Captain.

Trubel [they're surrounded by SWAT]: Let’s take ‘em on.
Monroe: Rosalee’s pregnant!
Rosalee: Monroe!
Monroe: Sorry.
Trubel: Whoah, you’re pregnant?
Bud: Right now?! Oh, my God, that’s wonderful!