Flower: Maybe two people shouldn’t be exactly the same? Maybe it’s good that we’re opposites? Also, watching you sit there and act like Pete was a real turn-off.
Pete: Okay, not too long ago, you two were begging me to be your third.

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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 16: "Isaac's Book"
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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Sam: Although, look at these melons. Beautiful, huh?
[Everyone stares at Trevor]
Trevor: What?
Alberta: Go on, make a disgusting comment about Sam’s melons so we can all move on with our day.
Sam: Oh my god, I teed myself up. Didn’t I?
Trevor: I wasn’t gonna say anything!

Alberta: Let’s talk about cod.
Thorfinn: Oh boy…
Alberta: It’s a very bland fish. It’s probably the worst fish out of all fish.
Thorfinn: That is perfectly reasonable opinion.
Alberta: And what’s the deal with the little girl braids and your beard? Did your friends do that for you at a sleepover?
Thorfinn: Each braid represent brother I lose in battle.