Beth [on phone]: I finally got ahold of Deja. She's in Boston with Malik. She wants us to know she's fine and we shouldn't worry.
Randall: We're in Connecticut. If we leave now, we can be there by nightfall.
Beth: Okay, love you.
[Randall hangs up]
Rebecca: Can I give you some advice? Give Deja space.
Randall: Give her space?
Rebecca: Give her the space to figure this out. Just for tonight. She said not to worry and I think you should trust that.
Randall: Okay. So if we're not hitting the road, what do we do?

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10: "Every Version of You "
This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Randall: Deja. Dropping out of high school and getting your GED so you can live with your 18-year-old single dad boyfriend isn't good enough for you.
Deja: You don't get to decide that.
Randall: Yes I do. You are my daughter.
Deja: No, I'm not! Tess and Annie are your daughters. I'm just some girl you took from her mother.

Beth: I'm sure she has her reasons, hon.
Randall: I know.
Beth: And it's Thanksgiving. I told you there would be drama.