This Is Us Round Table: What Did You Think of Randall and Rebecca's Road Trip?

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Randall and Rebecca went on one last, poignant road trip to try to catch up with Deja.

Instead, they found new understanding and grew closer than ever as Rebecca continued to face her cognitive decline.

Our This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10 Round Table team discusses Deja's reaction to learning that Randall interfered in her relationship with Malik, Randall and Rebecca's conversation about making Kate her health care proxy, and what we thought were the most poignant moments of the hour.

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What were your thoughts about Deja telling Randall he wasn't her real father and running away to Boston without telling him or Beth where she was going?

Christine: Deja is a teenager with a broken heart. She was furious with Randall for trying to break up her and Malik.

So Deja lashed out and reacted emotionally without thinking. She didn't mean what she said to Randall, and she said as much when he picked her up in Boston.

As for the running off, this is the second time she's done something like this, so that needs to be addressed, and I have no doubt Beth and Randall will do that.

This Is Randall - This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10

Laura: Deja is a teenager that found out the person she thought she could trust the most betrayed her. She reacted in the heat of the moment and apologized later to Randall.

Running away to Boston with no notice needs to be stopped, but Deja was used to caring for herself for so long.

Jack: I agree with everyone else. Deja spoke to Randall in anger and apologized, so that's that.

The more important issue is Deja running off to Boston without telling anyone where she's going.

Of course, now that she and Malik have broken up, she has no reason to do that anymore, but it still needs to be addressed for the future. I hope that we get to see Randall and Beth dealing with it on-screen!

How do you think Randall and Rebecca's road trip will affect their relationship moving forward?

Christine: Rebecca realized this might be one of her last opportunities to spend quality alone time with Randall as she heads back to the west coast and her disease progresses.

Rebecca is grabbing every moment and saying everything that needs to be said because she knows there's no time to waste.

Bonding With Rebecca - This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10

Laura: As Christine said, Rebecca seized the moment to take a final road trip and say everything that needed to be said since she didn't know how much time she had left.

Jack: I was so glad that Rebecca insisted on going on the road trip with Randall.

They got the whole issue out in the open of why Rebecca chose Kate rather than Randall as her proxy, and now Randall can move forward with his career, knowing that Rebecca has given him her blessing to focus on his own life instead of hers.

What did you think of Rebecca's explanation for choosing Kate to be her health proxy instead of Randall?

Christine: Rebecca was right. Randall has spent much of his life trying to be there for everyone, especially his mother.

If Randall is in charge of his mother's care, he will spend every minute researching every option and stressing over every decision. He'll put everything else in his life on hold, and Rebecca doesn't want that for him.

Laura: Rebecca was totally on point. Randall puts everyone first before him, so he would have reverted to trying to take Rebecca to even more doctors and trials at the expense of his own life.

Jack: I was 100% behind Rebecca on this!

An Old Road Trip - This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10

In the back of her mind, there's also the fact that Randall's insistence on putting Rebecca into that other clinical trial caused a rift between him and Kevin. She doesn't want that, and she also doesn't want Randall putting any more of his life on hold for her.

Were you surprised that Randall was able to talk the cop into letting the Big Three go?

Christine: Yes, but Randall always comes across as sincere. And sometimes, the simple truth, coupled with being polite and respectful, works. Thankfully, this time it did.

Laura: Part of me worried that it would be a racism issue, but Randall spoke the sincere truth. Even then, he had political dreams and was a wonderful speaker.

Jack: I was worried about racism too. I was glad that the cop listened to Randall and that Randall's sincerity shone through.

How did Randall's childhood experiences at the pool relate to his present circumstances?

Christine: Randall set his mind to be successful at swimming, and he was.

He was so far ahead of his brother and sister, and because of that, it felt like Kevin and Kate got all of their parents' attention because they needed it.

Rebecca's Little Shadow - This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10

And yet, despite feeling as though he was being overlooked, Randall still managed to bring his family back together. It was both heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once.

But this is a lifelong trend for Randall. He works hard and is incredibly successful, and he also does what he believes is best for his family. That has remained the same for him since he was young.  

Laura: It felt like in the pool flashbacks that Randall put his needs aside to help his siblings and not worry his mother.

It has become a trend. Randall has always looked after Rebecca, so she wants him to live his own life now.

Rebecca and Randall Read - This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10

Jack: Randall did great at his swimming test, but he almost didn't do it at all. He got distracted by overhearing Jack and Rebecca talking about Kate, and the teacher had to call his name to get him to refocus.

I felt like that was what Rebecca was trying to stop him from doing now. He was considering not trying to run for Senate so that he could take care of her, just like he almost put aside his swimming goal for his family.

Discuss anything not covered that you'd like to address.

Christine: When Deja apologized and said that Randall was her Dad, I kept wishing that Randall would have reached out and taken her hand or just told her he loved her.

I didn't need a big speech, but it felt like she deserved some sort of response from him.

Laura: I know Randall meant well, but initially, when he and Beth started dating, her mom wasn't happy with him and Beth dating either, since the Pearsons had lots of drama.

I just hoped Randall wouldn't do that with his own daughters. I still want to see Beth's reaction later in private to him telling Malik to break up with their daughter.

Jack: I want to see Beth's reaction too!

I also thought Randall's comment to Rebecca that he was never like this when he dated Beth was interesting. While Beth's mother disapproved of this relationship, Randall had never experienced anything like the way he was handling this from Rebecca. So who knows what he would have done if he had?

Jack With The Kids - This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10

We're about halfway through the final season of This Is Us. How would you grade it, and what do you hope to see in the second half of the season?

Christine: I'll give it an A. I'm going to miss this show! But they are hitting it out of the park this final season.

I love the way all of the storylines are building. Take Kate and Toby. I expected to dread the end of their marriage, but I'm glued to the screen, waiting to find out what comes next.

Laura: I'll give it a B+. I'm going to miss this show, but there is something lacking this season.

So many of the Big 3's storylines seem separate from each other. We do see Kevin/and Kate together in LA, but I miss when they all interacted more.

I'd like to see them support each other more and Rebecca in the final episodes. I hope we see Miguel/Rebecca's story, who Kevin picks, and all the beats of everyone's arcs.

Jack: I'm going to split the difference and give it an A-.

I think this season has been strong, but it also doesn't feel quite like a final season yet. Maybe it's me in denial because I'm really going to miss this show! But I was expecting more flash-forwards and more movement toward wrapping things up.

Randall And Rebecca's Road Trip / Tall - This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10

We'll probably get that in the second half of the season. I'm looking forward to Toby and Kate's implosion and learning how Kate ends up with Philip, and I want to know how Rebecca and Miguel finally got together!

What was your favorite scene, storyline, or quote from this week's This Is Us?

Christine: "If I run, I'll win, and if I win, I can't even imagine where this thing will end."

That was a powerful moment.

But equally powerful was just watching Rebecca and Randall hang out in a bar and have fun.

I  also loved seeing the Big 3 at the diner together. Just hanging out as siblings because they hadn't seen one another in a while, and they simply wanted to spend time together. I loved that.

Laura: I loved seeing Randall/Rebecca play darts. They have so many serious moments that it was nice to see them just have fun.

I also enjoyed the Big 3 hanging out at the diner together.

Trying to Be Happy - This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9

Jack: I was so relieved that Randall was able to talk the cop into letting the Big Three go! I also liked Rebecca's explanation of why she didn't choose him to be her health care proxy.

I also loved Rebecca insisting on the waitress taking a photo of her and Randall and the bartender's bemused reaction to her asking for Chianti. And finally, I loved her explanation when Randall asked why she chose Kate rather than him as her proxy.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Randall: Deja. Dropping out of high school and getting your GED so you can live with your 18-year-old single dad boyfriend isn't good enough for you.
Deja: You don't get to decide that.
Randall: Yes I do. You are my daughter.
Deja: No, I'm not! Tess and Annie are your daughters. I'm just some girl you took from her mother.

Beth: I'm sure she has her reasons, hon.
Randall: I know.
Beth: And it's Thanksgiving. I told you there would be drama.