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We again go to the pool with the Pearsons, this time from little Randall's point of view. Randall asks to go see his swim teacher who is across the way. Rebecca hopes next summer they can all swim together.

Randall's teacher has a whole list of things for the kids to do.

The cops show up as Kate is freaking out about climbing the fence .The cops call Kevin out for having beer. Randall decides to talk to the cops.

Randall recalls this as we see Rebecca's speech from his POV.

Deja comes in as Beth is comforting Randall about Rebecca choosing Kate. Deja is angry that Randall told Malik to stay away from her. Randall says he has the right to decide for his daughter. Deja says he's not his daughter.

The next morning after everyone else leaves, Beth discovers Deja is not in the house.

Randall demands of the other girls to know where Deja is. Tess says Deja left last night to talk Malik into getting back together. Randall says he's going to get his daughter. Beth asks if she should go with him. Rebecca suggests they take a deep breath. Randall says maybe Kate should help since she takes care of the big things. Randall asks Miguel to take Beth and the girls home. Rebecca insists on coming with Randall.

Randall tries to call Malik but gets voicemail. Rebecca tries to talk to Randall who is too angry and asks him for his phone.  Randall recalls his mother taking him somewhere when he was a little boy. He says Deja has done this before. He was not like this with Beth. Rebecca tells him not everyone's first love story is the same and that when she was 15 she was in love with a much older guy.

Rebecca tries to talk to Randall about what he said about Kate but he says it was just a joke. Rebecca asks to stop to eat so she can take her meds. They go to a diner and she insists on having the waitress take photos of them.  She has trouble opening her pill bottle and Randall has to help her. Rebecca recalls how when Randall was six or seven he wanted to read all the books on the Scholastic Reading List and they would read together and go to the library and then to Eden Park. Randall's phone rings. Beth calls and says that she got ahold of Deja who is in Boston with Malik. Rebecca thinks Randall should give Deja space to figure this out. Randall says if we're not hitting the road, what now? Rebecca suggests a bar down the block.

Randall sets a new record of being underwater for 35 seconds. He overhears Jack and Rebecca talking about Kate and Kevin.

The cops decide to let the kids go and says happy Thanksgiving to Randall. Kate suggests they go to the diner because she doesn't want to go home.

At the diner, Kevin is excited about the juke box. Randall wants to call Rebecca.

At the bar, Rebecca insists on another selfie. The bartender doesn't know what Chianti Classico is. She got it from an article about Randall. She also has the book he was reading in the article. Randall suggests a wine selfie. Rebecca wants to play darts like she used to with Jack. She says they don't need pictures.

Teenage Randall calls Rebecca who promises she'll be okay. She's upset about Miguel leaving. She doesn't know why she's upset. Randall tells her to check the pocket of his backpack. He has smiley face cookies for her. He tells her not to eat them all.

Randall and Rebecca check into a motel with a tiny room. They brush their teeth and Rebecca recalls brushing them with little Randall. She comments that Randall has more grey in his beard now. Randall's phone rings. He tells his assistant to push a meeting. Rebecca asks him about it. He says a senior Senator from PA wants to meet with him. Rebecca won't pry when he doesn't want to talk about it. He tells Rebecca that a senator is retiring and wants him on the list to replace him. Rebecca gets excited about the idea of Randall being a Senator. Randall isn't sure. He doesn't want to make major life decisions while there is so much uncertainty.

Randall passes his swim test just in time to overhear that Kate didn't put her face in the water. He stands there watching.

At the motel, Rebecca goes and stares at a pool that is closed for winter. Randall has settled their bill and is ready to go to Boston. Rebecca wants him to sit with her for a minute. She recalls how quickly he took to swimming. She says the kids kept changing and getting stronger every second, every day, every year. She says Randall was always close with her because he liked to do things she liked to do. He was her rock after Jack died too, and it was a lot to ask of him. It was too much and that's why she didn't make him the executor. He would stop his entire life for her and she couldn't let him do that anymore.  She can't hold him back anymore. Randall wants to say something obnoxious. If he does go for Senator he will win, and if he wins he can't imagine where it'll end. Rebecca can see it very clearly. Randall's phone rings. It's Deja. She wants him to come to her.

Rebecca tells Randall to be gentle as he pulls up. Randall approaches Deja and Malik. Deja walks away and gets in the car. Malik says he didn't do this because of Randall. It just wasn't fair to Deja. He loves her so much. Randall tells Malik that this is what first loves are like and that if it's meant to be it'll happen later.

Deja says everything has been so intense. She's sorry about what she said to Randall. She says he's the only dad she ever had.

Kevin wants to know what Randall told the cop. In a flashback we see that Randall explains that they are all struggling because of his father's death and if Rebecca finds out they're in trouble it'll break her.

Deja is asleep in the car as Randall drives home.

Beth and Randall thank Miguel when they get home. Rebecca wants one more selfie with Randall. She also wants him to autograph the article.

Little Randall tells Rebecca he passed the test. He invites the other kids to come swimming with him but Rebecca says they're tired. Randall tags Kevin and they both get in the water.  Jack calls for Kate to join them. Cat Sevens plays over a montage of that and of the older Rebecca taking a box marked Randall where she saves all his things.

Randall calls his assistant and makes an appointment to meet Senator Gamble. Kevin takes the babies on the plane and then returns them to Madison as Rebecca touches Kevin's box. Rebecca touches Kate's box as she asks Philip to consider her for the job. Kate returns and Toby tells her the smoker arrived in time for her mom's anniversary party. She tells him she's sorry but she's not ready to move to San Francisco.


This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Randall: Deja. Dropping out of high school and getting your GED so you can live with your 18-year-old single dad boyfriend isn't good enough for you.
Deja: You don't get to decide that.
Randall: Yes I do. You are my daughter.
Deja: No, I'm not! Tess and Annie are your daughters. I'm just some girl you took from her mother.

Beth: I'm sure she has her reasons, hon.
Randall: I know.
Beth: And it's Thanksgiving. I told you there would be drama.