Richard: No, what doesn't make sense is a beautiful, talented woman hiding behind a big, brick wall and never letting anyone in.
Diana: It's not brick. I don't like brick.

Kelsey: You got a tattoo.
Liza: Yeah. Why not?
Kelsey: Because they're really hard to get rid of.

Kelsey: Are those chicken wings?
Liza: They can't be. Who catered this? A litter of cats?

It's a sign. You see that, right? We met at the perfect moment. We can have it. We can have everything. It's all lined up.


You haven't been listening. I'm not going to kill him. I'm going to make him wish he was dead.


Ubbe: Poor Ivar.
Sigurd: Poor Margrethe.
Ubbe: I suppose you had to console her?
Sigurd: I did what I could. She's terrified of him.
Ubbe: So am I.

Bjorn: What a beautiful dragon you've built for us Floki.
Floki: Now let's fly her to Rome.

Mother, all my life you have been suffocating me, paying me so much special attention. Why? Because I'm a cripple? Poor Ivar. Now, poor Ivar has a chance to find a way to prove himself with the gods. I will not let you take that away from me.


Ivar: I'm terrified of water.
Ragnar: Plenty of worse ways to die than to drown.

Bjorn: I wish you were coming with me.
Ragnar: No you don't. You said yourself, this is your destiny, not mine. Your mistakes are yours, and so are your successes.

Silly sweaters are the least of my family's issues.


He didn't push him. It was more of a controlled dangle.