We don't want to see you on the show again.

Nick's Dad

I used to make fun of girls on this show for crying.


Kara: What are you doing here?
Mon-El: Oh, I took the day off.
Kara: It's your second day.
Mon-El: Yeah, didn't want to over due it. So, lunch?

I’m not privileged in any way, shape or form.


Alex: Okay, what's bothering you? And it's not Guardian.
Kara: Who says anything's bothering me?
Alex: Crinkle.
Kara: [Gasps] Crinkle. I'm going to get Botox for that. If you can figure out a way to get a needle in my skin, I mean.

If you're here to find a wife, that's me. If you're not here to find a wife, I'm happy to give the rose back.


Flynn: The life I take has to be my own. You know that as well as I do.
Charlene: Yes, but I just needed to hear you say it.

How many Librarians does it take to get Jenkins out of the box?!


Jake [to Eve]: Sneaking around? Withholding? I mean, that’s something Flynn would do--
Flynn: Hey! But he’s right.

Ezekiel: Great. A scavenger hunt.
Cassandra: Our whole *job* is a scavenger hunt!

You finished with your little soliloquy? Because I’m tired.


General Rockwell: You don’t just expect me to hand [the artifacts] over, do you?
Jake: You really think after what you’ve seen today that they’re safest with you?
Cassandra: I’m sure you’ll do a great job taking care of the Loch Ness monster!
Ezekiel: And no one will accidentally open up Pandora’s box!
Jenkins: Or touches Midas’s hand.
General Rockwell: We are not fools! We are trained to deal with any--
Flynn [pointedly]: Or open up an Egyptian god’s sarcophagus and end up becoming possessed.