Who can you trust? You can't even trust family.


Harriet: The Lord is on our side, we just got to do our part.
Elizabeth: Sometimes, I'm not sure I understand my part.

I am so tired of begging even good people to join the fight.


Noah: If there's one thing I learned on my way up out here, power ain't about position. It's about people. Yeah. We take the mistress, we own the house, walk right out the front door.
Corra: Taking the mistress, that ain't gon be easy.
Noah: Oh, it's going to be next to impossible. That's why we need someone on the inside.

Y'all crazy coming back here while she carrying a child. [notices Noah's expression] You ain't know...


Unfortunately, I can't spend any money without my husband's blessing. It's a shame, really, if there's anyone who can identify with the plight of a slave, it's us women.


Smoke: Patty asked us both with driving this property. It wouldn't be favorable if she got stolen just 'cause you and I can't work together.
August: Bequiet.
Ernestine: Who's Patty? Patty Cannon? What she want with me?
Smoke: Well, she has business with your daughter.
August: I said, shut your mouth.

Your plan to break your Black Rose ain't happening fast enough. You should be coming after the Queen herself, not her court. Show this butcher of words Harriet Tubman is just another runaway nigger. Then, she'll be a footnote in your story instead of the other way around.


You taught me the importance of an education, Dad, but you also taught me how important it is to dream big. This is as big as my dreams get. I'm doing the movie.


Rainer: I've never met anyone quite like you.
Paige: Me, too.

Nina: You may be America's favorite good guy, but I know you sleep with a different girl every night. So stop pretending that Tangey meant something to you.
Rainer: Thanks, mom.

Cassie: For the record, when you told Paige you'd rather be friends, I didn't believe a word of it. But I know why you did it, and it was a pretty cool thing for you to do.
Jake: I just wanted to simplify her life. But I didn't see that guy coming.