I don’t need saving... and I am done fighting demons.


That woman clearly has a crush on you.


Sara Lance... what the bloody hell have you gotten yourself into?


You cannot save this one, Constantine.


Sara: I'm looking for the doctor. He's not at the institute.
Cyrus: No, ma'am. He's off in one of his trances.

Moore: Up high, he can act with the confidence of the devil himself.
Marcus: Not the devil. God himself.

Kreizler: I'm here today as your pupil, madam.
Madam: I didn't know you had the imagination.

I'm afraid the good doctor's callous nature can sometimes upset those who care about him the most.

Moore [to Mary]

What we're missing, John, is not how he kills, but why. And most importantly, when will he kill again?

Kreizler [to Moore]

Maybe you should get a team of your best detectives to look into it right away. Maybe those smart Jewish boys could have a go.

Connor [to Roosevelt]

Chasing clues will mean he's always a step ahead of us. We must see what's behind the clues.

Kreizler [to Moore]

You'd best not let Roosevelt catch you drinking your lunch. He'll have your badge. Pious prick!

Byrnes [to Connor]