Wozniak: He didn't turn into a psycho overnight.
Harlee: You learn how to hide because someone's chasing you.

I'll punch through the final bell with you, Woz, I will. But you have to realize that Stahl has you locked in a corner.


Harlee: Stahl doesn't even feel like a man unless he's manipulating a woman. He crawls inside your head to all the places where you feel safe and he takes them, but you know that because he's done it to you.
Molly: You're right, Harlee, he's cutthroat and erratic which is exactly why I don't want back on his radar.

Wozniak: Scumbags don't keep banker's hours.
Nate: My next tattoo.

I don't know how we got here. I would give anything to go back to start.


Listen, keep your shoulders back. You're a cop on the inside. Stop sulking and don't show any weakness.


Who all of a sudden canonized you, Loman?


I want Espada out by the time I get downstairs and then I never hear from you again.


Sometimes you get the best stuff by not thinking and just letting it be quick and dirty.


If we don't stand up to him, no one else will.


Hello, Lydia.


Maybe you're not a good man. Maybe there are no good men. I've seen a lot of bad ones. Trust me son, you ain't that bad.

Doc Cloud [to Sunny]