Dr Pratt: Heather, any concerns?
Heather: Oh yeah. Birth.

This is my girlfriend Beth. We are in a love bubble so we always want to be together.


Benedict: Your majesty if I may. I understand what you’re contemplating. I’ve thought about it, too. Though I have never spoken about it, of course.
Quentin: Why not?
Benedict: Well, you know what parents teach you about emotions. That you should bottle them up and never talk about them. And turn them into maps, for example.
Quentin: Jesus Benedict, we should talk about this.
Benedict: If it pleases you sire. But first, why don’t we step away from the edge of the boat.

Eliot: We have a problem much bigger than sleeping beauty over here. The fairies are up to something in the northern orchirds. They evacuated the villagers weeks ago and haven’t let another human in since. Except S came through on his way to Loria and he saw some crazy shit. Rivers running red, three-eyed fanged toads, mutant plant life. Chernobyl level shit. I think the fairies might be poisoning the ecosystem.
Margo: Great. Well, now I can’t be mad at you. Thanks.
Eliot: I know. I wanted to fight to so that we could make up and on the other side of it we could just --
Margo: Be us again? Who are we now El? We used to be glamorous amazing mega bitches. And now? We have depth and character.

Antonio: I know my place. Unlike you.
Donatella: What is my place?

Jeff: He's got no one. He's got nothing. Everything he's told you about his life is a lie. You know that, right?
David: Do you even like him?

No one wants your love!

Jeff [to Andrew]

Jeff: Everything you gave me, the bar, the meals, the men. It means nothing. I want my life back. My real life. My life as a soldier.
Andrew: They don't want you. They never wanted you.

Joseph: Do you go to church?
Alice: No.
Joseph: So you believe in church but you don't worship him?

Robert: I would say you have a big mouth for a little man, but you don't smell like a man.

Officer Vanczyk: What?
Robert: You smell like a mouse or nothing at all.

I cured you, but there is a side effect. The process will change you.

Voice [to Zoe]

Some people would say it's impolite to bring an uninvited guest, but I'd say I don't care about what people say. Come, come!