Ray: So, here's the plan.
Amaya: Is for us to rescue the people who got caught because of you.
Nate [points at Ray]: She's talking about you.
Ray: Nah, I think she's talking about you.
Mick: Shut up! You're supposed to be partners. Partners have each other's backs.

Amaya: Aren't you forgetting something? Nate and Ray?
Mick: Those idiots have done nothing but get in the way.
Ray: Uh, guys? We're standing right here.

Hey Malcolm, I'll take a nightmare that's real over a dream that's a lie.


Nate: Special Agent Cole Bennett?
Special Agent Bennett: Yes, and you are?
Nate: Special Agent Eliot Ness. This is my associate, Bob DeNiro.

Gideon: Special Agent Ness has suffered severe hypoxia. It will take some time to reverse his brain damage.
Nate: You can reverse brain damage? Why haven't you helped Rory out? [chuckles]
Gideon: Who says I haven't?

Merlyn was right. They took the bait.

Damien Darhk

Nate: What just happened?
Ray: Well, it's the strangest thing. Two cops just escorted Eliot Ness to the Bureau.
Nate: They're not escorting him to the Bureau! They're gonna throw him in the river!
Ray: What?
Nate: Ray, 1920 Chicago PD was the most corrupt police force in history. Almost all of them were on Capone's payroll. Did you or did you not see The Untouchables?

Nate: That's Eliot Ness.
Ray: Pfft. Doesn't look like Kevin Costner.

This is a confirmation, not a coronation. It's not our job to give the President what he wants. Our job is to determine what's best for the country.


There's a traitor among us.


You mean to tell me he's right here in Washington, D.C., and we can't touch him?


I don't trust anyone who has things handed to them in life.