You are incorrigible. You know, the world is full of women, all types, but there is only one infuriatingly sexy, magnificent Josephine.


So you threw a Molotov cocktail into a church. In front of a hundred cops?


Abby: But he got a hit. He got a double hit. Why is he being punished?
Baseball Mom: There is no crying in baseball. Welcome to the team.

He caught the ball in his ball his his glove.


Sergeant, you can speak with the boys on two conditions, inside the church, and no guns.


Mitchell: Where is the fun, the energy?! You've got a whole section here on the duality of the inner goddess.
Barbara: I thought it was interesting context.
Mitchell: SheShe doesn't do context. This read like a college thesis paper.
Barbara: OK. I'll take another pass. But just to be clear, you wanted my distinct voice. THIS is my voice.
Mitchell: Yeah, your voice is kind of a drag.

What are we waiting around for? An angel to whisper in the father's ear?


Father, we're not going to change things by ignoring the victims.


I understand you're worried about the boys. But I'm worried that things are going to get real ugly, real fast if you don't open those doors.


Let's be brutally honest, the history of young black men with Chicago police,has not been glorious.

Father McSorley

Yo, Al, don't you got some sort of beef with Father McSorley?


Abby: No, it's not adjustments, really, it's more global thoughts.
Barbara: Global.
Abby: Big picture stuff. You know, it's great, but it's not from your perspective.
Barbara: Well, you know, it is, in that I wrote it.
Abby: Well, it is, but I kind of lose it in there. You know. Where are you?
Barbara: Well, I'm there at the Goddess Ceremony, which is what the column is about...
Abby: Yes. I just...I want to know what you feel about things, what is your POV, what is your personal experience, you know what I'm saying?
Barbara: Yes.
Abby: Great!
Barbara: You think I should rewrite it.
Abby: Noooo! Not at all. Just like, take another pass.