Teddy would make a great dad! Shane too! Oh my God I wish I had two gay dads who loved me to pieces and then could tell me when my dress and my bag were too matchy matchy.


You work for me, I don't have to tell you anything.

Liam [to Ashley]

You think just because you cheated on me that you'll be able to walk out of my new company? You signed a contract that gives me full control of your music. I own you.

Dixon [to Adrianna]

Here I am, former bitch asking for your forgiveness. Please don't let the message get lost because I'm perfect physically.


Adrianna: You hired a bunch of sexy girls to perform at the Playboy Mansion?
Navid: That's like bringing sand to the beach.

Did you actually just walk through your own banquet praising yourself in the third person?

Max [to Naomi]

Silver: I can't believe Naomi sent a private plane to bring you back to high school.
Teddy: Well when you use the words Naomi and high school in the same sentence, it pretty much makes anything believable.

Dancing has been this great way of pretending I was this sexy powerful woman who wasn't afraid of anything. I just wish it were true.


Some things you can't forgive and forgot.

Liam [to Navid]

Liam: She's not a bodyguard, she's from the studio to keep away the paparazzi.
Annie: From your body...by guarding it.

Okay I'm not cool with you and you being a we.

Dixon [to Annie and Riley]

After a week dodging questions about how my ass looks on youtube, a day at the fertility clinic sounds fun.



We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.


Just call me Karma, babe.