Navid [referring to Alex]: She's a bonafide genius.
Naomi: Not when it comes to fashion.

It's high school. It's way more boring now that I'm not smoking pot anymore.


Oh my God...who did this to you?!? I'm going to search lost and found for a hat.

Naomi [upon seeing Silver's orange hair]

Naomi: It's not nice, it's Gucci.
Max: If I start swanning around in Gucci my friends will know something's up.

Silver [after reconciling with Adrianna]: How do we make it better?
Adrianna: Break up with him.

You've both been friends a really really long time. Hope you don't let some idiot like me ruin that.

Navid [to Silver and Adrianna]

Naomi: We have to hurry. It's almost time for the fiesta.
Max: I'll show you a fiesta.

You really care about me, don't you? I mean you care a lot. Enough to give up having sex...with me!

Naomi [to Max]

Teddy: I think I'm becoming one of those relationship people. Oh my God, I'm lame.
Silver: You are not lame. You're just a good guy who's ready to get back on the relationship burro.
Teddy: Still a horrible expression. But yeah, I think I am.
Silver: It's really great. To getting back on the burro.

Guys like you and me aren't the relationship type.

Tripp [to Teddy]

So this is who you hooked up with last night. You're right, he is hot.

Will [Tripp's boyfriend upon meeting Teddy]

Oh, she's going down!

Silver [after discovering Adrianna's tap water trickery]

90210 Season 3 Quotes

She's Single White Femaling me!

Annie [on Emily]

Getting old is a bitch, Annie.