Ocean: I'll be damned. You're a bigger lunatic than I thought.
Alice: Thank you.

So is this what being a dad means to you? You finally pay attention to me and then take away the thing that means the most to me? I liked you better when you acted like I didn't exist.


Safiyah: Wouldn't it be so much easier not having an emotional attachment to the man you've been tasked to kill?
Alice: Why don't you ask someone who has emotional attachments?

His pain doesn't compute with me.


Jacob: I'm more concerned with how I could be blind to yet another daughter's secret life.
Mary: It's not your fault. When you met my mom, all of your energy was focused on finding Beth. And then when you couldn't find her, it was about building the Crows. And now, it's all about finding Kate. Truth of the matter is, I've never really been on your radar.

We're picking up a presence of radioactive material. So, unless you were taking selfies at Chernobyl, you wouldn't have read-outs like these.

Dr. Rodriguez

Ryan: You've never been in love, huh?
Sophie: Of course I've been in love.
Ryan: And now you're alone. See, when I care about someone, I fight for them.

Angelique: Sorry I'm not living up to your moral standards, but some of us didn't get Brangelina-ed from the group home.
Ryan: What is that supposed to mean?
Angelique: Somebody found you, Ry. And you got a new life. I didn't. I didn't know what it felt like to be found by something. Now, I do.

Aaron: Hi. First hostage.
Mary: Unfortunately, no.
Aaron: No, I mean me. I've never done this before.

Sophie: You can't protect her forever.
Ryan: No. But I can protect her from you.

Alice: Are you ready to hear what I think?
Ocean: I had an option this whole time?

Alice: Doesn't it bother you that we both magically forgot being on Coryana together? That there were obviously pieces of both our memories wiped?
Ocean: I grow psychedelic mushrooms for a living. You think it's the first memory I've lost?

Batwoman Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Angelique: We have been waiting for a doctor for two hours.
Doctor: Oh, well, actually, I'm not her attending.
Angelique: Oh, actually, have you heard of a little issue in your medical community called implicit bias?
Doctor: Sorry, we're coding down the hall.
Angelique: Let me educate you on something.
Ryan: Ang! Please, he's busy!
Angelique: It is the reason black women die of neglect at a disproportionately high rate in this country. We're not having that tonight. You need to get my girl some actual care before you need your own.

Nobody robs banks anymore? You gotta loot mom and pop shops?