Upton: She needs you, you gotta go.
Ruzek: I can't just give up, I mean.
Upton: You're not giving up, man. You're doing what Kim would want you to do. We are not gonna stop. We are gonna hit every house. We are gonna chase every lead until we find her. I promise.

Atwater: We all wanna find her. But you don't get to change the rules just because it's Kim.
Ruzek: I most certainly can. I can precisely because it is Kim. And if you can't understand that because you're too busy checking boxes, kissing ass, then I don't know what to say to you.

Atwater: Yo, Ruz.
Ruzek: I don't want to do this, Kev, not right now.
Atwater: Neither do I, but somebody's got to say something if we're gonna be kicking in doors and yelling "gun" if there's not a gun.
Ruzek: Kevin, please, I don't want to do this.
Atwater: We didn't even know if Roy was actually in that house, we had no clue. So that's what we doing, just making it up as we go?
Ruzek: You got a better idea? Or are you just preaching to preach? Come on, let's go man.
Atwater: I'm just trying to help, man.
Ruzek: Hel save Kim or help save the world?
Atwater: You got no right to talk to me like that, not after what just happened in that house. You just put a gun to a man's head.

Voight: Okay, that's something. Let's hit it.
Halstead: We're working on the warrant.
Voight: No, we're good. Let's go.
Halstead: Sarge. We're gonna need proof.
Voight: We are not wasting time, not again.

Voight: We had a cold wave come in. People stayed inside, stopped shooting each other until it warms back up.
Superintendent Miller: Wow, is that a you thing or a Chicago thing? Waiting for the next storm?
Voight: More like an alternative theory thing.

You can say it, Hank. I killed my son. Say it. I was trying to do the right thing, and I killed him.

Superintendent Miller

Voight: What are you doing? This is not reform. This isn’t why people are marching in the streets, why you moved to Chicago to change it. This is about what doing what needs to be done to save your kid.
Superintendent Miller: Then you find him without breaking the damn law.
Voight: Sam…
Superintendent Miller: We don’t get to rewrite the laws because it’s my kid. Every victim is somebody’s kid. We do it the right way.

Sam, I am telling you we have to play the hand we’ve got. If you want to find your son alive, we’ve got to move now.


Voight: So, Richards is talking?
Ruzek: Oh yeah, he folded like a lawn chair.

Burgess: I didn’t get scared for me, I got scared for.
Trudy: Makayla.
Burgess: Yeah.
Trudy: You’ve given her a second chance at life and that is worth protecting. And I wonder if this is why the universe is telling you to name your guardian.. .your backup. I wonder if you’d hesitate the same way if you’d have that peace of mind.

We know you use young women as couriers. Mules. See this time, this time was different. This time one of them got murdered.


Makayla knows if something happens to you, what happens to her? You’re all she’s got.


Chicago PD Season 8 Quotes

Voight: Atwater did what he thought was right.
Kenny: No. He crossed the line. Blue wall is there to keep us together. It keeps us safe. It's a bible, our Ten Commandments. You of all people know that, Hank. If someone chooses to violate that code, he's gotta pay the price. Way it's always been. Way it always will be.

Woman: So, I've been reviewing evidence in the Doyle homicide case and I just wanted to touch base with you one more time.
Atwater: I'm not sure what you're asking.
Woman: I'm asking if there's anything you would like to add or modify.
Atwater: No. I stand by my original statement.