Do me a favor. Keep an eye on Katie.

Ben [to Garrett]

You want to become 'Jefe de Plaza'? Show some self-control from now on.

El Catrin [to Dante]

Ben: You're not asking me to find a needle in a haystack. You're asking me to find a needle in a pile of needles.
Sultan: It's not my problem, migra. Figure it out by morning.

Ben: I'm going to make a lot more time, I'm going to be there for both of you.
Katie: Do you, like, have cancer or something?

Remember this feeling, Dante. If you ever spill blood in my home or go after the pregnant woman without a direct order from me, you and I are going to have a problem.

El Catrin [to Dante]

El Catrin: You look like you could see a drink.
Ben: No, thanks. I'm more of a beer guy.

Protect and serve. Isn't that what it says on your police cars? In this country, it's protect and survive.

Neto [to Ben]

Your friend Javy was great with a sidearm. Not much of a fisherman or an electrician though.

Jack [to Ben]

Ben: You have to stop living in the past. It's not safe for you here. Not after what happened. The best thing you could do is get out of here.
Silvia: And go where?

Silvia: I thought you'd be gone.
Ben: So did I.

Frank: What about you, Ben?
Ben: Me?
Frank: Jill and Kate would be devastated if something happened to you. You're going to meet us, right?

El Catrin: I have our best interests in mind. After [Ben's] of no use to us, you can do as you please.
Dante: I'm going to make him watch as I take his daughter from him. For the child he took from me.

Coyote Quotes

Ben: Hey, chief! Where's your bathroom? Bano?
Clerk: Customers only.
Ben: Maybe you can make an exception. Or you can sell me one of these boxes and I'll take a shit in that instead.

Man: We were told there would be no drugs.
Coyote: Plans change.