Mazo: I'll be right back, my little bitch.
Garrett: I speak Spanish.

I like what you've done with the place. It has that old Clemens touch.

Garrett [to Ben]

You made your choice.

El Catrin [to Ben]

Ben: If [Mazo] is such a monster, why didn't you let him rot in that detention center up north?
El Catrin: If they found out who he was, that could put the whole family in jeopardy. And I couldn't let that happen.

Ben: If you're going to kill me, could we do it without all the fuckin' hiking?
El Catrin: I'm no killer, Ben.

El Catrin: Hello, Ben. It is good to see you, my friend.
Ben: Can't say the same.

Garrett: Clemens, he's swimming back to Mexico. Let him go.
Ben: None of these fuckers can swim.

As long as you're working with me, your sole job is to make my life easier.

Ben [to Garrett]

You call in sick the day they gave sensitivity training?

Garrett [to Holly]

Why don't you just send up smoke signals? What's the name of your gang? Probable Cause?

Ben [to Sultan]

What the fuck is wrong with you white people?

Sultan [to Ben]

Ben: There's no way I'm going to pick that guy out on my own.
Sultan: Still can't tell us beaners apart.

Coyote Quotes

Ben: Hey, chief! Where's your bathroom? Bano?
Clerk: Customers only.
Ben: Maybe you can make an exception. Or you can sell me one of these boxes and I'll take a shit in that instead.

Man: We were told there would be no drugs.
Coyote: Plans change.