You were right... what you told me over the radio that night. Not everyone deserves a happy ending.

Karen: You don't get to be the man on top without making enemies looking to tear you down. It's just something Ben told me.
Matt: He's right. You don't.

Fisk: It's funny, isn't it? How even the best of men can be deceived by their true nature.
FBI Agent: What the hell does that mean?
Fisk: It means that I'm not the Samaritan. That I'm not the priest, or the Levite. That I am the ill intent who set upon the traveler on a road that he should not have been on.

Foggy: Last time you went after Fisk, I found you half dead! More than half. You go after him in the mask again, he might kill you. Or you might kill him, which would probably have the same effect on someone as Catholic as you are.
Matt: What am I supposed to do? How do I stop him?
Foggy: By using the law, Matt. Like you told me and Karen to do. That's how we take him down.
Matt: We? Though Nelson and Murdock were over.
Foggy: There's nothing I want more that to find a way back to where we were, but I don't know if we can.
Matt: No, we can't. But maybe we can find a way to move forward, Foggy.

Leland: All right, okay, Jesus. I figured you'd find out sooner or later. What's a guy gonna do?
Fisk: Wesley found out, didn't he? He confronted you and you shot him.
Leland: I have no idea what happened to Wesley. I wasn't a part of that.
Fisk: But you had something to do with the benefit, didn't you? You and Gao? She's gone, you're stealing from me.
Leland: It's not what you think.
Fisk: You tried to kill me.
Leland: The poisonings at the benefit were just to make it look like someone was trying to get at you. But you were never the target.
Fisk: Vanessa?

Father Lantom: How you holding up?
Matt: Like a good Catholic boy.
Father Lantom: That bad, huh?
Matt: He was a good man. And he's gone because I haven't stopped what's happening to this city.
Father Lantom: Can't put that on yourself, Matthew. You've done everything you can. A lot you probably shouldn't have.
Matt: And here we are.

Fisk: You went after my mother. That's not something that I can forgive.
Ben: I wrote a lot of stories in my years pushing ink. You know how many times people have threatened me... get me to keep my mouth shut?
Fisk: But this is my mother... that you brought into this, Mr. Urich. My mother! So I am not here to threaten you. I'm here to kill you.

Fisk: I've made mistakes in the years since I was a boy. I tried to learn from them, but it isn't always enough.
Ben: Get out of my house.
Fisk: I'll leave. But first, I'd... I'd like to have a conversation with you. Off the record of course.

Leland: First, the attack at the benefit, now this? Somebody's not happy.
Fisk: Nobu's accounts... are they still active?
Leland: Yeah, but nothing's been touched since he went up in smoke.
Fisk: And Gao?
Leland: You think this is her? No, my money's on the Japanese. Maybe they found out about your little bonfire with their boss.
Fisk: You can go now, Leland.
Leland: Okay. But... whatever war you're thinking about starting... don't lose sight of the end game. Once Senator Cherryh has cleared the last of the zoning issues, you can tear down the rest of Hell's Kitchen and build your better tomorrow. It's a shame not everybody'll be there to see it, but shit happens.
Fisk: Find out who did this to Vanessa and to Wesley.
Leland: I'll see what I can shake loose. Just remember, uh... wind blows the hardest the closer you get to the mountaintop.

Claire: You know, the only thing I remember from Sunday school is the martyrs... the saints, the saviors... they all end up the same way. Bloody and alone.
Matt: I never said I was any of those.
Claire: You didn't have to.

Matt: Did you speak to her, Fisk's mother?
Karen: Yeah... she's not all there, but Matt, what she said about Fisk... he killed his father... when he was 12. Bashed his head in with a hammer, and then she helped him cover it up.
Matt: Well, he was a minor. It's not gonna be enough.
Karen: To put him in jail, no. But it doesn't line up with everything that Fisk has been saying.

Foggy: Me and you, pal. We're gonna have big, fancy offices one day, with steel and glass and chairs you don't even know how to sit in. Murdock and Nelson, attorneys at law!
Matt: Nelson and Murdock. Sounds better.
Foggy: You think?
Matt: Yeah, trust me. I can't see worth shit, but my hearing's spectacular.
Foggy: Me and you, pal... We're gonna do this. We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen. [both laugh]
Matt: Best damn avocados.

Daredevil Quotes

Karen: Can I ask a personal question?
Matt: I haven't always been blind.
Karen: I guess that's what everyone wants to know.
Matt: That or, "How do you comb your hair?"

I'm not seeking penance for what I've done, Father. I'm asking for forgiveness... for what I'm about to do.