Ava: Is this safe? It doesn't sound safe.
Constantine: It isn't. Any more questions? Good, let's hold hands.

Zari: You must have a thing for warrior women.
Nate: Only if they're from another time period and eventually will leave me, sure.

Sara was right. I'm no Fate. I'm a Legend!


Oh, it's the crew! Wait, if they're dead, who's shooting Season 15?


Sara: No one is responsible for the family they are born into. All that matters is who they decide to be, and you've decided to be brave and big-hearted.
Charlie: Thanks boss, but I am what I am.

Zari: I mean, this other Zari sounds so smart and substantive, like a cool, third-wave feminist superhero that you and Nate seem to like better than me.
Behrad: First off, Nate is just a sucker for doomed romances. Secondly, of course I don't like her better than you. You're my favorite Zari of all time.

We probably had a super cute couple name. Just off the top of my head, probably something like SteelHacker.


Sara: Huh. That's cool. Looks like Supernatural is filming here.
Charlie: Super what?
Sara: You've never seen it? It's this show about these two hot brothers who fight demons. I wonder if the Winchester brothers are here!
Charlie: Seriously.
Sara: Dean is my hall pass.

Ava: Maybe I should stay back, huh?
Sara: Are you volunteering for Rory duty? Ava Sharpe, you are a better woman than I.

Nate: You slept-walked into my room, which means something must have brought you in here. And let's not forget, in another timeline you and I-
Zari: Don't start with the dream girl crap. I'm still trying to process how I spent the last five yours in, what is this, 200 thread count?
Nate: Yeah.

Sara: Gideon set a course.
Gideon: Affirmative, Captain. And speaking of setting a new course...
Ray: Of course she means Sara please give us one of those terrific, period-specific send-offs.
Sara: Fine. Enjoy the jolly ol’ London, ya blokes!
Nate: That was bad.
Constantine: And frankly offensive.

Saying goodbye to Nate is my biggest mission yet.