Bree: There were two dozen cookies on that plate.
Gaby: Yeah, you can't leave food out. They're like bears - you've gonna have to to tie it up in a tree.

The residents of Wisteria Lane are nothing if not loyal. But, there are times when that loyalty is put to the test by the desire to help a stricken friend, by the need to protect a long buried secret, by the movement of two lives in opposite directions. And sometimes just as one test of loyalty ends, another begins.

Mary Alice

You know what they say - Ugly plus money equals handsome!


Bob: Just don't talk politics, and don't push Warren Buffett in the pool.
Lee: I didn't push him. He got between me and the margarita bar.

Mrs. McCluskey: You should go over and talk to Paul. I'll watch M.J.
Susan: Oh, I can't do that. He might be in the middle of something.
Mrs. McCluskey: Or he might be hanging from the showerhead. Do me a favor and check because if he's dead in there, I live downwind.

Mrs. McCluskey: So, post-transplant sex, huh? If it's as good as my post-cancer sex, you're in for a treat.
Susan: Fingers crossed.

The residents of Wisteria Lane are nothing if not loyal. They love their country. They root for the home team. They support their favorite brand, but the fiercest loyalty on Wisteria Lane is between friends.

Mary Alice

Whenever we make mistakes, we need to apologize and then we need to move on. We must try to accept the changes in our lives or choose to trust an old enemy or learn to stop fighting our children's battles. But, sometimes the pain we caused is so great, there is no moving on.

Mary Alice

Susan: So, you're trying to tell me that it is random.
Roy: I'm trying to do anything I can to get you to stop crying, honey. You're on a lucky street. Who knows why? Just enjoy it.
Susan: But, what happens when my luck runs out? I know - Why ask?
Roy: Why ask?

Susan: Look at me! I should buy a lottery ticket right now.
Bree: Yes, you should. Then, you should "eat it!"

You are lucky. You got a kidney transplant. And if you take anymore of my money, you're going to need a face transplant.


How about this? Go the bank and get a hundred thousand singles and roll around naked on them. And then apologize to everybody in the bank and then come home.