Doctor, such an honor. I've always been a huge admirer. This is really a delight. Finally, someone worth talking to.

The Doctor

O'Donnell: Guess that dead body wasn't so dead after all.
Lunn: And now we've got the writing.
The Doctor: The Fisher King did it himself.

This isn't about saving me, I'm a dead man walking. I'm changing history to save Clara.

The Doctor

Here's the thing, the messages my ghost gave they weren't for you. They were for me. That list, everyone after you was random, but you being the next name that's what made me confront the Fisher King.

The Doctor

Lunn: Are you sure the Doctor won't just leave us here?
Clara: Guys look, this is how we roll. He's gonna go away, come back and we'll have to listen to how he did it.

The Doctor: They're ghosts! Yeah, ghosts.
Clara: You said there was no such thing. You actually poo-pooed the ghost theory.

Bennett: Wait, you're going to go back in time? How do you do that?
The Doctor: Extremely well.

I want another adventure. Come on, you feel the same. You're itching to save a planet. I know it.


So we are fighting an unknown homicidal force - that has taken the form of your commanding officer and a cowardly alien - underwater, in a nuclear reactor. Anything else I should know?

The Doctor

Wait a minute, you know what this means? It means that they're not a natural phenomena. It means that someone is deliberately getting people killed, hijacking their souls and turning them into transmitters.

The Doctor

The Doctor: Tell me, what about those things out there? What are they? Why are they trying to kill us?
Bennett: Well, they're... they're ghosts.
The Doctor: They're not ghosts.

We are fighting an unknown homicidal force, underwater, in a nuclear reactor.

The Doctor

Doctor Who Quotes

Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame. Whatever the cost.

Warrior Doctor

The Doctor: Clara? You asked me what we're going to do, I told ya. We're going to go to hell, or wherever it is people go when they die, if there is anywhere. Whatever it is we're gonna go there and we're gonna find Danny. And if it is in any way possible, we're going to bring him home. Every culture has a concept of an afterlife. I always meant to have a look around, see if I could find one.
Clara: You're going to help me?
The Doctor: Well, why wouldn't I help you?
Clara: Because of what I just did, I just...
The Doctor: You betrayed me. You betrayed our trust, you betrayed our friendship, you betrayed everything that I've ever stood for. You let me down!
Clara: Then why are you helping me?
The Doctor: Why? Do you think that I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?